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The Artist

Guy Portrait - 26.jpg

Guy Iannuzzi

Born in Italy

Lives & works in San Diego, CA


Guy Iannuzzi is a marketing executive with a life-long obsession with science and art. A background in astronomy in Arizona led to an abiding interest in science. Later as a fine arts student at the Art Center College of Design, he developed the skills to not only appreciate, but also create art commercially.


He combined these two passions by founding Mentus, one of California’s oldest marketing agencies focusing on science and technology. Jurassic Park sparked an interest in amber fossils, and his skill with optics and photography led to discovering their profound beauty. He started taking thousands of images, creating compelling imagery.  Guy has made numerous presentations and appeared in several television programs. Recognized by the National Science Foundation NSF, his work has been exhibited in museums and online.



1967 - 1972 University of Arizona

1974 - 1978 Art Center College of Design

1980 - 1983 National University


Achievements & Awards 

1980 - Founded Mentus

1992 - U.S. Delegate to USSR Defense Conversion Conference 

1992 - Co Founder of BIOCOM California

2003 - NSF Award for Amber Imagery



2004 - Exhibit at BIOCOM

2012 - Exhibit at San Diego Natural History Museum

2023 - Exhibit at Exploration Place, Wichita, KS


Media and Publications

2011 - Television Interview on NBC, San Diego

2021 - Publication of Dead Bugs and Poetry, Amazon

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